Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music streaming service provided by Amazon, which offers customers access to millions of songs, playlists, and radio stations. It is available to Amazon Prime members as well as non-members with a subscription fee.

Amazon Music was launched in 2007 as a digital music store, allowing customers to purchase and download songs and albums. In 2011, it expanded into music streaming with the launch of Amazon Prime Music, a service that provided Prime members with access to a limited selection of music for free. In 2014, Amazon Music Unlimited was launched, providing a wider selection of songs and albums for a monthly fee.

Amazon Music has been able to breakthrough in the industry by leveraging the vast customer base of Amazon, one of the largest online retailers in the world. Amazon has also been able to offer unique features such as integration with its smart speakers and voice assistant Alexa, as well as offering exclusive deals to Prime members.

It is definitely beneficial for musicians to have their music on Amazon Music, as it provides another platform for their music to be discovered and streamed by a large audience. Musicians can distribute their music to Amazon Music through digital distribution services such as Melo.

One way to make the most of Amazon Music as a musician is to participate in the Amazon Music for Artists program, which provides artists with detailed insights and analytics on how their music is performing on the platform. This can help musicians understand their audience and make informed decisions on their marketing and promotion strategies.

Additionally, customers can also purchase music on Amazon, either as physical CDs or as digital downloads, providing another revenue stream for musicians. It's worth noting that Amazon takes a commission on each sale, so it's important for musicians to consider the costs and benefits of selling their music on the platform.

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