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Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Wynk, Hungama, YouTube, JioSaavn, Instagram and more. Keep 100% ownership of your music and stay in control of your career.


Why choose melo

Extensive Distribution Network:

Reach audiences worldwide on major digital platforms.

Global Reach, Local Expertise:

Tailored solutions for the Indian music industry.

Transparent Royalty Payments:

Accurate and timely payments, ensuring fairness.

Artist-Focused Approach:

Support, promotion, and industry resources for artists.

Customized Solutions for Labels:

Streamlined distribution for record labels.

Competitive Pricing:

Affordable plans for all budgets.

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Forever Release
Starting at ₹996

Looking to distribute original music? Here's the simplest way.

Release Covers
Starting at ₹1,999

With the legal stuff all taken care of, releasing covers has never been this easy.

Starting at ₹996

Effective marketing approaches to attract unique & organic streams for your singles.

Starting at ₹9,996

A customised solution enabling you to enable your artists - limitlessly.

How to Sell Your Music Online

Selling your music online is a straightforward process that begins with choosing a reliable music distribution service. Look for a service like Melo that offers global reach and transparent royalty payments. Ensure your audio files are of the highest quality, professionally mastered to optimize the sound. Create visually captivating cover art that grabs attention and represents your music. Plan your release strategy, considering factors like release dates and target audience. Leverage social media platforms and digital marketing to promote your music effectively. Engage with your fan base, respond to feedback, and build a strong online presence. Stay consistent, persistent, and proactive in promoting your music to maximize your online sales potential.

Melo Artists

Hit it off in the Music Business

Building a Strong Network

Connect with fellow musicians and industry professionals.Attend industry events, workshops, and seminars.Join online communities and forums dedicated to music and networking.

Engaging with Fans

Build and nurture relationships with your fan base.Use digital marketing to promote your music.Engage with fans through comments, live sessions, and feedback mechanisms.

Staying Updated

Monitor industry trends and shifts.Keep an eye on emerging artists and successful strategies.Adjust your music and marketing strategies based on consumer preferences.

Persistence and Dedication

Be prepared for setbacks and rejections.Stay dedicated and passionate about your craft.Understand that success in the music industry often requires patience and resilience.


Collaborations and Opportunities

Collaborate with fellow artists to reach new audiences.Seek potential partnerships or sponsorships.Use collaborations as a platform to showcase versatility.

Guidance and Continuous Learning

Seek guidance from mentors or industry professionals.Attend workshops, webinars, or courses to hone your skills.Always be open to feedback and adapt accordingly.

Online Presence and Branding

Establish a professional online presence.Utilize social media platforms effectively.Launch a personal website or blog for deeper engagement.Feature your work on music streaming platforms.

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