Your Perfect Guide On How To Upload A Song On Saavn

Sarah Iqbal, Amisha Shukla


Saavn or JioSaavn is an Indian online music streaming platform and distributor of Bollywood, Bhojpuri, English music and other regional music in India. With its great popularity, JioSaavn is available for users worldwide on android, iOs, watchOS, Alexa, google home, and windows. Since its inception in 2007, the company has acquired rights to approximately six crore music tracks in 15 distinct languages. JioSaavn is free for all its users. However, some premium features can be unlocked with paid subscriptions. The additional features allow premium users to stream uninterruptedly without advertisements and enjoy an improved streaming quality with music downloads for offline listening.

To upload your song on one of India's most popular music streaming platforms, JioSaavn, one of the simplest ways is to get in touch with a reliable service provider for music distribution in India. At Melo music distribution, we offer services to take your music to a vast audience. We offer music dissemination services across all major and popular music streaming platforms in India. We specialize in getting your song playlisted, promoted and advertised till it gains the recognition that it deserves. 

So, if you genuinely believe in yourself as an artist and in your music content, get in touch with us today to get your music streamed on all popular music streaming platforms in India. 

Know how Melo music distribution can help you to get your song uploaded on Saavn

If given an option to choose between walking towards an uncertain road or navigating your destination, it is always wiser to choose the latter. So, here we are to determine your uncertain road and navigate your destination where your music can potentially reach millions of people.

At Melo music distribution, we bring an opportunity to shine and bloom for every aspiring artist by offering them the fastest, most secure and uninterrupted music distribution service in India.

Melo music distribution is officially partnered with Saavn to offer the best in class and exquisite service for music distribution. 

We help you upload songs on Saavn and enable millions of users to listen to your music. We also uphold the complete regard of your right over your music. Therefore, on availing our services for music distribution across various music streaming platforms in India, you get to retain 100% royalty and rights on your music content. Also, to ensure that our services remain artist-centric, we help independent artists not only get recognition but monetary benefits on every download or each streaming.

So, to make your music reach millions of people, upload songs on Saavn today with Melo music distribution.

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