Want To Monetize Your Live Streams And Earn Money Through Live Streaming Platforms?

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Live Streaming refers to recording and broadcasting simultaneously using the internet in real-time. Using live streaming technology, people watch, create and share videos in real-time using an internet-connected device. With the emerging popularity of the customary social media platforms and other platforms, specific for live Streaming, the trend of live Streaming has witnessed a steep rise. Earlier, live Streaming began with only celebrities, influencers and other famous faces on the internet. But today, many people with a limited network are also seen live streaming various events in their life on social media. Not just essential events, but sometimes random chit-chat sessions are also seen on live streams. 

What made live Streaming so famous in the present time is the involvement and connection that it establishes with the audience and the fun element that it comes with. Also, it is one of the simplest and the most efficient ways to connect to audiences. But did you know live Streaming is not just entertaining, but you can also make money through it? Yes, you read it right; there are plenty of live-streaming apps that make money through it.

So, here we enlist some of the live streaming apps that enable you to monetize your live streams, popularly known as the best live streaming apps that make money.

  • Twitch: When it comes to popular live-streaming apps making money, one cannot miss out on Twitch. Twitch is one of the most excellent platforms for live video streaming that has taken the gaming world by storm. Founded in 2011, the Twitch application gained enormous popularity in the recent past with around 3 million broadcasters, over 15 million daily active users and approximately 100 million viewers per month, creating it an ocean for gaming content. Before Twitch's popularity, gaming was merely considered a hobby or a time pass. 

Still, now gamers have an exciting opportunity to make their gaming hobby into a full-blown means of making money through live Streaming and enjoy being popular, irrespective of their age. It is like a dream come true for gamers as by following their passion, they can now make money. Though the application also offers content in other genres, be it cooking, music, question and answer sessions, the most popular on Twitch is the gaming content. It enables the users to live stream their games, watch other gamers while they play and live chat during games.

Crowdfunded subscriptions, viewer donations, Twitch bits, advertisements, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merchandising are some of the most popular means of making money through live Streaming on Twitch, one of the best live streaming apps.

  • Bigo Live: Bigo Live is a Singapore-based live streaming app compatible with all devices. Founded in 2014, the Bigo app is one of the fastest-growing applications for online Streaming, with around 400 million users from over 150 countries across the globe. Bigo technology functions through AI and machine learning. The platform enables its millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, comedians, gamers to go live or showbiz live and earn support, gain fans, receive gifts, meet new people and make money through it. Customarily, there are two ways of monetizing live streams on Bigo Live, one of the best live streaming apps to make money. One of the ways is by becoming a host on Bigo Live through a mobile live broadcast, and the second is by receiving visual gifts from followers. The virtual gifts streamers receive on Bigo Live can be transformed into ‘beans’. The more popular the streamer gets on Bigo Live, the more beans they earn. The beans can also be encashed, and real money can go to the streamer’s bank account. Third-party involvement and monetization through third parties are not permitted on the Bigo Live app. 

  • Live Me: Live me is another popular live-streaming app that makes money and allows users to broadcast and watch live stream videos. The Live me application creates over 3 lakh hours of content daily with a large user base. The application also allows group video chat or video calls with nine people in a multi guest room. Also, while live Streaming, the broadcasters can invite their friends to join the live streaming session and share exciting moments. The application offers exciting interactive features like virtual gifting that allows the hosts to earn virtual gifts in the form of a magic wand, castle etc., on their live streams. Users can later redeem those virtual gifts into diamonds used on the application or real money and transfer them into their bank accounts. The company claims to have paid out virtual gifts worth over six million dollars to its streamers and broadcasters. Also, the application Live Me also has its virtual Live Me stores that allow broadcasters to create and sell their merchandise or link to existing items and make money. 

  • YouNow: YouNow is another live streaming apps make-money platform offering the best in class broadcasting services. The application is available for both Android as well as iOS users. YouNow functions using a tag-based topic system that makes browsing content of a particular genre simpler for its users. At the same time, the trending streams enable users to locate the popular streamers and their live streams. Like Twitch and Live Me, YouNow also offers a high-definition resolution broadcasting service, with other features like chat moderators and multiple guest broadcasters. Users and broadcasters can earn money through tipping by viewers in gold badges and props, the in-app currencies on YouNow. However, the broadcasters are not encouraged to ask fans for tipping their live streams specifically. 

  • Changa: Changa is an Indian-based application that promises a seamless interface for quick, short video sharing and live Streaming. The Changa app is a relatively new application; however, with its simple user interface, the application could gain enormous popularity in a short time. The application is free to use. At the same time, it enables its users to make money through live Streaming and showcasing their talents and creativity on the platform. It offers a vast genre of short video and live streams to its audience. Whatever your area of interest is, be it gaming, cooking, dance, music, short films, comics etc., the Changa application has a vast pool of videos and streams by talented artists in every genre. The application aims to improve the live streaming experience for its users and raises the bar for live Streaming with its exorbitant video editing features, a more straightforward user interface, and the means to monetize live streams. The Changa app is an initiative of the ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ that takes sharing and creating video content and live streams to a different level altogether. So, if you are willing to monetize your live streams, the Changa app is a must-try. 

  • FaceCast: The FaceCast application is a global live video chat application that offers exorbitantly excellent services for live stream, music video and random video chats. The application enables its users to earn money through virtual gifts they receive from their viewers, which can be redeemed into real money that can be transferred to bank accounts. The application supports Portuguese and English languages and has automated AI translation technology that translates the content in real-time to serve its bilingual users from different countries. The FaceCast app is only supported on Android devices. 

  • Tango Live: Tango is a California-based application founded in late 2009. The Tango app came up as one of the first applications to offer video calling, voice calling, texting, photo sharing, and gaming services on a 3G network. It started as a cross-platform messaging application, but with its vast popularity and comprehensive user interface of more than 400 million registered users, the app entered the live streaming space. The live streaming application Tango Live became one of the most beneficial live-streaming apps making money for broadcasters to showcase their talents and monetize their live streams. 

Also, the application Tango Live allows its users to receive virtual gifts from live stream viewers in the form of diamonds, the in-app currency which can be redeemed into real money. Consistent users and usual streamers on Tango Live earn an average of $1200- $1500 a month through virtual gifts. Another popular way of making real money through Tango Live is referral programs. It means users can also earn money through Tango’s referral program by referring the app to other people. Every time a new user signs in using the referral code, the referring user will also earn from the earning of the new user, which makes using the app beneficial for both. 

  • Uplive: Another popular and emerging live streaming app to make money is Uplive. The Uplive application was founded in 2016 as a part of the Asia Innovations Group (AIG) and was awarded as one of the highest-paying platforms for broadcasters in 2018. As per data, an average streamer, by streaming for an hour every day, earns up to 2000 dollars a month. The distinguishing feature of the Uplive app is its worldwide user base, with famous and talented celebrities and creators giving outright brilliant content. The app comes with an inbuilt feature of live translation of both verbal and textual content to serve its global users. The platform is also popularly known as an influential talent agency with over 1900,000 broadcasters and 230 million registered users. The application does not encourage third-party involvement in monetizing live streams. Still, it offers its broadcasters to enter into a contract with the application itself of streaming for a certain number of fixed hours and get paid for entertaining Uplive’s audience. Another way to make money through Uplive, one of the best live streaming apps, is by way of virtual gifts. Virtual gifts on Uplive are diamonds and coins, which the broadcasters receive from their viewers. The broadcasters can redeem virtual gifts in the form of real cash.


The live streaming industry has become enormously popular with the excellent live-streaming apps that make money platforms. It enables everyone with a smartphone or simply an internet-connected device to build a brand name, establish themselves and make money from the comfort of their homes or by showcasing their talents and skills.

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