Want To Know How To Upload Podcasts On The Wynk Music App?

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Wynk Music offers a fair opportunity to every artist to build their names in the music industry and at the same time empower and enable them to bloom in the music industry. With over 3 billion monthly streams, Wynk music, airtel's OTT music streaming platform in India, has emerged as the one-stop music application for all the latest and most comprehensive range of songs and podcasts available. Every artist aspiring to bloom cannot miss out on uploading podcasts on Wynk music. Also, Wynk music, one of India's major music distribution platforms, offers an open forum for all aspiring artists to compete in the highly competitive music industry. 

So, upload a podcast on Wynk music today and get started with your career as an artist. And we at Melo music distribution act as a bridge to help you reach your end goal. We are a massive team of experts and dedicated individuals offering end to end music distribution services to support independent artists to gain recognition and reach vast audiences.

So, if you want to kickstart your career as an artist, it is the right time for you to upload a podcast on Wynk music and reach your target audience. We offer every artist a personalized service for their content distribution and dissemination across different music streaming platforms in India. Also, we specialize in creating a strategic solution using our comprehensive approach to provide every artist with a fair opportunity to bloom. Using our vast association of networks at Melo music distribution, we have tied up with all principal and popular music streaming platforms, including Wynk music, to offer India's broadest and most promising music distribution and dissemination services. Get in touch with experts at Melo music distribution today.

Want to get started by uploading podcasts on Wynk music? Here is all that you need to know

If you are looking forward to kickstarting your journey as an artist, you cannot afford to miss out on one of the most well-known music distribution platforms in India, Wynk music. Wynk music has been recognized as the No. 1 music streaming platform in India regarding its daily active users. With its large user interface since its launch, the app offers music in 14 different Indian and regional languages accounting for 26% of the overall more than 3 billion monthly streams. It continues to witness tremendous growth in its popularity amongst smartphone users in India.

With Wynk music, you can upload and stream music content and a platform to upload and stream podcasts. Wondering how you as an artist collaborate with the desired music distribution platform to get started. Well, here we are to your rescue. With our objective of helping independent artists reach vast audiences, we at Melo music distribution offer end to end services for music distribution and dissemination across various music distribution platforms.

So, suppose you are willing to upload a podcast on Wynk music today with Melo music distribution and give your journey as an artist a real kickstart. In that case, we help you reach millions of people in one go for music distribution in India.

Create, stream and upload podcast on Wynk music today

Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in a day for you to create, stream, and upload your podcast on numerous music distribution platforms in India? So, here we are at Melo Music Distribution to make your task of reaching your audience simpler as well as easily accessible for you. On your behalf, we reach out to various major music distribution platforms in India, including Wynk music and propose your music content/ podcast to collaborate with them to give your journey as an artist a real kickstart.

With our colossal networking and vast association with multiple music distribution platforms in India, including Wynk music, we are dedicated to helping independent artists disseminate their music content and podcast over different music streaming platforms and reach a greater audience. Also, we offer an opportunity to every artist to capitalize on their music content and gain the recognition they deserve through our exclusive music distribution services.

So, get in touch with us today at Melo Music distribution to avail yourself a chance of gaining recognition, reach millions of people and make your dreams turn into a reality.

Know how Melo music distribution can help you upload podcasts on Wynk music.

The choices you make today make you sign in the highly competitive music industry tomorrow. If given a choice between moving towards an uncertain road or navigating your destination, the brightest minds of all will always choose the latter. Similar is the journey of artists who aspire to boom.

So, if you are an aspiring artist finding a way to your destination, here we are, at Melo music distribution, at your rescue. With our specialization in providing artists with an open platform to grow, we offer the best in class services for music dissemination and distribution of podcasts across various platforms all over the country. So, suppose you as an artist are willing to disseminate your music and podcast across different music streaming platforms and reach millions of people in one go. In that case, Melo music distribution is your one-stop solution. With expertise and years of experience in the music industry, Melo music distribution has earned a reputation for offering one of India's most promising music and podcast distribution services. 

Why choose Melo music distribution

With our aim to help independent artists compete with the big names in the music industry, we at Melo Music Distribution are devoted to offering uninterrupted artist-centric services for music and podcast distribution across all popular music streaming platforms in India. We use a comprehensive approach to help artists reach their target audience through various streaming platforms. We have officially partnered with Wynk music to provide our customers with the best class services. 

With our large customer base and hundreds of successful projects, we take immense pride in our services to empower independent artists. To uplift and deliver the quality of service that we promise, we also ensure end to end assistance with 24/7 customer support to our client artists. With our massive network of associations, we work on enhancing your career as an artist, building a name and earning revenue with your music and podcast content through streaming. So, if you are looking to make your podcast/ music reach the target audience, get in touch with experts at Melo music distribution today.

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