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With more than 200 million monthly active users, Gaana music has emerged as one of India’s largest and most famous music streaming platforms in India. Gaana music distribution offers independent artists of Indian origin an excellent opportunity to stream their music worldwide and reach more significant audiences. offers an entire Indian music catalog that features music in more than 20 different Indian languages to its worldwide users. So, if you are planning to reach a great audience through music distribution platforms in India, you cannot miss out on distributing your music with its vast audience base.

At Melo music distribution, we have officially partnered with Gaana music distribution and other popular music streaming platforms to offer our customers the best in class services for music dissemination in India. So, get in touch with us today to stream your music on the most famous music streaming platform, Gaana music distribution and let the world vibe on your music.

Know how you can reach your audience with Melo music distribution

If you are an independent artist willing to reach a higher audience, stream on major music distribution platforms and make great revenue out of it, then you are at the right place!

At Melo Music distribution, we offer one of the most reliable services for music distribution in India. With years of serving our clientele, we have earned a reputation for being one of the most trusted names for music distribution in India. With our large customer base and hundreds of successful projects, we take pride in our services to empower independent artists. We intend to help independent artists compete with big names in the highly competitive music industry and make ‘talent’ the sole criteria for artist recognition. We help artists stream their music on different music streaming platforms, gain recognition, and earn monetary benefits.

So, if you too are willing to reach a greater audience, make monetary benefits out of your music and build your name in the music industry, it is the right time to connect with the most renowned names for music distribution in India, Melo music distribution. Together with us, we can design a strategy for you to help you reach a larger audience in a short time and step up on the path of success. 

Upload your music on all major music distribution platforms with Melo music distribution

Are you an aspiring artist willing to distribute and disseminate your music over various music distribution platforms in India but still skeptical about how to proceed? Well, here we are at Melo music distribution, to your rescue. We are artists’ favorite destination for music distribution in India.

To empower independent artists, we at Melo music distribution offer artist-centric music distribution services for all popular and emerging music distribution platforms in India. We are associated with multiple music distribution platforms, including gaana music distribution and others, to help artists disseminate their music content over different music streaming platforms and reach a greater audience. As soon as your music goes online, we ensure that you reap its monetary benefits. We entrust and assess each release on different music streaming platforms significantly to offer the artist and their music a fair opportunity to bloom. We also assure artist recognition by giving artists 100% royalty and rights on their music content. We specialize in helping artists capitalize their music through our extensive music distribution services by assuring them with an ample amount on every download or streaming on different music distribution platforms.

So, if you too are an artist looking for an opportunity to shine, connect with us today to explore your possibilities to make your music reach worldwide.

Distribute your music with gaana music distribution-free

Gaana music has emerged as India’s favorite platform for artists and music listeners. With its massive audience base, Gaana music became an attractive destination for artists who wish to distribute their music and reach vast audiences.

At Melo music distribution, we have officially partnered with all prominent and popular music streaming platforms in India, including gaana music distribution. We aim to empower independent artists to release and stream their music on popular music streaming platforms in India at just the touch of their fingertips from anywhere in the world and earn revenue out of it. We work in association with for Gaana music distribution free to offer independent artists an open platform and a fair opportunity to compete in the overly competitive music industry. We offer end to end services for music distribution in India.

 Along with the popular music streaming platform,, we also cover other major and emerging music streaming platforms in India to help you reach your audiences through their favorite music streaming platform.

Other than our vast collaboration with music distribution companies in India, we also work with all major cellular telecom operators for caller tune distribution across the country. Caller tunes enable the users to express their taste in music to their callers every time they receive a call. With caller tune distribution, artists also add to their audience base and make monetary benefits just like they can from various music streaming platforms.

So, get in touch with the music distribution experts at Melo music distribution today to disseminate your music and reach your audience in minimal time. 

Here’s why you must choose Melo music distribution

With years of experience and expertise, Melo music distribution is one of the most trusted names in the music distribution industry. We offer one of the most reliable services for gaana music distribution and distribution overall significant and emerging music streaming platforms in India. 

With our aim to help independent artists compete with the big names in the music industry, we offer devoted and uninterrupted artist-centric services for music distribution across all popular music streaming platforms to enhance your career as an artist. We use our massive network of association with all major music streaming platforms to help independent artists build a name and revenue with their music content in the industry. We use an extensive approach to help artists reach their target audience by disseminating their music on all major music streaming platforms. To uplift and deliver the quality of service that we promise, we also ensure end to end assistance with 24/7 customer support to our client artists.

To know more and explore a pool of possibilities on building yourself and growing as an artist, get in touch with our experts today at Melo music distribution.

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