Melo? Who? When? What?

Tanooj S Mehrå


Who are we?

Melo is a digital music distribution company that specializes in working with independent record labels and artists. We provide a range of services to help our clients distribute and monetize their music across a variety of digital platforms and streaming services.

When did we begin?

Melo was founded in 2019 by a brother-sister duo Tanooj S Mehrå & Natascha SM, who saw a need for a more artist-friendly and transparent distribution model. We offer a non-exclusive agreement, meaning that our clients retain full ownership and control of their music.

What do we do?

Some of the services offered by Melo Music Distribution include:

  1. Digital Distribution: Melo distributes music to over 200 digital platforms and streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Tidal.
  2. YouTube Content ID: Melo offers YouTube Content ID, which allows clients to monetize their music on YouTube and other user-generated content platforms.
  3. Royalty Collection: Melo collects and distributes royalties to clients on a monthly basis, with detailed reporting available through their online portal.
  4. Promotion and Marketing: Melo offers promotional services, including playlist pitching and social media marketing, to help clients gain exposure and grow their fanbase.

Overall, Melo Music Distribution aims to provide a transparent, artist-friendly distribution model that allows independent labels and artists to reach a global audience and monetize their music on their own terms.

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