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Are you looking for music distribution companies in India to distribute and disseminate your music and give your career as an artist a real kickstart in the highly competitive music industry?

Here we are at Melo music distribution to help aspiring and talented artists build themselves in the music industry. At Melo music distribution, we devise a personalized strategy for every artist to distribute your music considering personal preferences and needs to help them enhance their career. 

We aim to decentralize the music industry and give the power back in the hands of artists, making talent the sole criteria for every artist and, at the same time, allowing them to shine. Our services for music distribution and dissemination are entirely artist-centric. We do not charge any royalty or claim any right over your music content. We honor and value every artist’s hard work and talent behind creating an exceptional music piece and hold their back while they struggle in their journey of becoming a successful artist. 

Know what made us the best music distribution company

With years of experience in serving our clientele, we at Melo Music distribution have been recognised as one of India’s best music distribution companies. Our dedicated service in the music industry is reflected in the excellent reviews and ratings that we have received from our customers. We have helped hundreds of artists in their journey to build their names in the music industry and are dedicated to helping more of such deserving artists bloom and shine. 

We ensure to keep up the nature and quality of our services to give our customer artists warranted results and help them reach their audience. We are your one go solution to reach out to all popular as well as major music distribution platforms India. We always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. 

To know more or give your artist journey a kickstart, get in touch with us today at Melo music distribution. 

Here is how you can stream your music on Music distribution platforms India

If you are looking forward to streaming your music online and reaching your target audience through various music distribution platforms India, then the first thing you need to decide upon is- ‘Who will be your music distributor?’. While you decide upon this, it is highly significant for you to bear in mind that your success as an artist heavily depends on this decision. Music distributors like Melo music distribution connect you with all the music streaming platforms you wish to stream your music content. Your music distributor is your guide and your friend in the journey of becoming a successful artist in the music industry. 

Melo Music distribution has emerged as one of the best music distribution companies in India using our vast network of collaborations with all the popular music streaming platforms and aspiring artists. We are dedicated to guiding and assisting independent artists in their journey filled with new challenges every day. Not only do we bridge the gap between artists and music distribution platforms, but also we devise a personalized strategy for every artist to give them and their music a fair opportunity to bloom.

Melo music distribution was founded with the objective and idea of helping independent artists grow in the music industry by giving them an equal opportunity to have their music content reach the target audience. To keep up the spirit on which Melo music distribution was founded, we keep our services ‘artist centric’, which means you get absolute credit for your music content. In simple words, we do not charge any royalty or rights over your music. As an artist, you get to retain 100% rights as well as a royalty on your music. Additionally, we also work towards incentivising your music content with various music distribution platforms India so that you get to earn monetary benefits on every downloading and streaming of your music album. 

Reach out to your audience with Music distribution India today

At Melo music distribution, we are a massive team of experts and analysts of the music industry. We offer the best in class services for music distribution India across various music distribution platforms. We have officially partnered with all the massive and growing music distribution platforms, namely, Spotify, Wynk music,, Jio Saavn, Youtube music and many more, to offer our customer artists an end to end music distribution service and help them reach millions of people in one go.

So, if you believe in your music, we believe in that too and are there to help you and music reach millions of people through our vast network of associations with varied music distribution platforms in India. We offer the best in class music distribution services intending to help independent artists gain the recognition that they deserve.

Know how experts at Melo music distribution can help you in your journey as an artist

With millions of listeners out there and only a handful of artists who deserve to grab attention and recognition for their music content, it becomes a strenuous task for aspiring artists to boom in the already competitive music industry. To make this task a little simpler for artists, we at Melo Music distribution take on the responsibility of distributing, disseminating and marketing your music content over different music distribution platforms. Through our vast networks of collaborations and years of experience in the music industry, we offer an end to end service for music distribution India. 

What makes Melo Music Distribution one of the best music distribution companies in India is the promising nature of our services. We are devoted to delivering to our clients exactly what we promise. Through our extensive services, artists not only witness tremendous growth but also get to save overhead expenditures for streaming their music and reaching the target audience. They get to focus entirely on creating unique music content and leave the entire task of distributing that content to us.

So, if you are an aspiring artist willing to bloom in the music industry, then get in touch with experts at Melo music distribution today to have them as your guide and friend in your journey as an artist. 

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