Here Is Your Perfect Guide On How To Record Songs At Home!

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Being a beginner in the music industry, it is not always possible to have access to a music studio or proper recording tools, which discourages many people from quitting even without actually beginning. But did you know it is possible to record songs on your smartphone without compromising quality? Yes, you read it right; by following a few simple tips on how to record songs on the phone, you can definitely record songs efficiently from the comfort of your home. So, if you are an aspiring artist wondering how to record songs at home on the phone, but are skeptical about how to get started, then you are at the right place! 

At Melo Music Distribution, we bring you a perfect guide curated and assembled by our group of experts from the music industry on how to record songs at home. These are the tips that guide you on recording songs without having access to any recording tools, equipment, or music studios.

So, here we enlist some simple steps on how to record songs at home on the phone while ensuring a high level of sound quality to help you get started with your career in the music industry.

  • Ensure that your mobile microphone is functioning properly: If you are finding a way to record songs at home on your phone, the first step is to ensure that your recording device or mobile phone has a functioning microphone. Without a microphone that functions appropriately, it is impossible to record songs on your phone efficiently. It is also advisable to clean your microphone to ensure better and improved audio quality recording before you begin to record your song. It is because there may be dust or debris particles settled on the surface of your phone's microphone that may degrade the quality of your audio recording. You can clean your phone's microphone using a simple toothbrush, a soft-bristled brush, or a paintbrush. 

  • Remove your phone's case or hardcover: The second thing to remember when figuring out how to record a song at home using your smartphone is always to remember to remove your phone's case or hardcover. It is because phone cases or hardcovers sometimes partially cover the microphone, causing a certain disturbance in the audio of your recording. Even if your phone's cover does not cover the microphone entirely or partially, experts still suggest removing it before you begin to record because there may be settled particles of dust and debris inside the cover. It is significant to ensure that your phone, specifically the area surrounding your phone's microphone, must be entirely clean and clear. 

  • Use an in-built voice recorder in your phone: All android phones, iPhones, or windows have an in-built voice recorder. Android phones have a sound recording application, while iPhones have a Voice memos app and windows have a recorder application. Once you find an in-built sound recording application on your smartphone, it is time to hit the record button and get started. 

  • Download a voice recorder app: Other than using an in-built sound recording application on your device, you may also download a voice recording app. Android users may download it from the Google play store, while several options are available for iPhone users too on the Apple play store. 

  • Try multiple voice recording applications before your settle down for one: If you are a beginner willing to record songs on your phone, then one of the most significant pieces of advice that you can receive while deciding on how to record songs on the phone at home is to try multiple voices recording mobile applications and software before you settle down for one. Trying different applications enables you to choose the perfect one for your voice recording. It exposes you to a wide variety of possibilities of how your voice can be filtered according to the application you use.

  • Try and test different applications by recording your voice: One of the simplest ways to try various applications before you settle down for one is by testing each of the options available. You may begin with short recording audio on different applications, listen to each one, and choose the best one that works for you. Another way to decide which application to use for recording songs on your phone is by viewing the reviews and ratings of each application on the playstore. But it is significant to keep in mind that not necessarily what works for others will work for you. 

  • Ensure a clear background: As soon as you have decided which mobile application to choose for recording, the next step towards understanding how to record songs on the phone at home and give a true kickstart to your career in the music industry is ensuring a clear background. A noiseless background is an extremely significant and necessary requirement to record a song on your phone. A phone's microphone generally does not eliminate background noises, the presence of which may make the recording sound pestered and disconcerting. However, using the correct application may help you eliminate background noises to a great extent. Still, it is always advisable to ensure a quiet and undisturbed background while you record songs on your phone. 

  • Rehearse before you start recording: No one attains perfection in a day. But the key to achieving perfection is committing to regular practice. Practicing and rehearsing several times before you finally record the song on your phone maximizes your potential and produces optimum output. It helps you let go of the nervousness, become your coach and make necessary improvements. So, it is always advisable to rehearse your song several times before the final recording. 

  • Begin recording your song: Once you are done rehearsing your song and have chosen an application to record, it is finally time to begin recording. One of the crucial things to keep in mind while learning to record a song on the phone is keeping the microphone in the correct position and alignment with your mouth. The microphone should not be too close to your mouth as it may cause disturbances in the audio recording with heavy breathing sounds. Also, keeping the microphone at a faraway distance is not a great idea as the recording will lack clarity. Therefore, it is highly significant to learn how to use your phone's microphone to get a clear and crisp recording. 

  • Do not hesitate to record multiple times: As it is rightly said, "Rome was not built in a day," similarly, the perfect recording of your song cannot be done in one go. You may have to record several times to get that perfect sound in your voice recording. Therefore, the key to attaining the level of perfection you seek in your sound recording is to record, listen to it, learn the areas you lack, and record again. Understand where you are going, work on those areas and never hesitate to record multiple times to reach that state of perfection. 

  • Use voice editing software or a simple mobile application to edit your recording: Once you are ready with your song recording, it is time to edit it and add a perfect final touch. You may use a simple voice editing software or a mobile application to add voice filters according to your preference. Voice editing tools enable you to cover up the lag in the recording, eliminate cluttered voices, modify the sounds and set the pitch as you require.

  • Refer your song recording to a friend or some music expert: It is advisable to refer and get feedback from a friend or preferably someone who has an insight about the music industry before you let your recording out in public. It helps you understand the response that you are likely to receive. Also, it may help you modify and polish your recording and achieve a state of perfection. 

Recording a song of your own without professional equipment isn't a piece of cake. Instead, it is a path filled with new potholes and great challenges at every moment. The journey of understanding how to record a song on the phone from the comfort of your home requires regular and constant efforts with utmost patience. Many people who possess great talent wish to record songs but end up giving up because of lack of proper recording equipment, inaccessibility to music studios, etc. But with these simple tips on how to record a song on the phone, anybody can now showcase their talents and begin their career as an artist with just a smartphone. So, begin recording your song on your smartphone today and kickstart your career in the music industry. 

To Conclude

Lastly, one must remember that it is absolutely fine to go wrong. You may go wrong once, and you may also go wrong multiple times. But consistency is the key to reaching your destination!

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