Getting Started With The Basics Of Music Distribution

Tanooj S Mehrå


What is music distribution?

Music distribution is the process of making music available to the public through various channels such as streaming platforms, physical copies, and digital downloads.

What are the benefits of music distribution?

Music distribution allows artists to reach a wider audience and gain exposure. It also provides a platform for monetizing their music through royalties and other revenue streams.

How do I distribute my music?

There are several ways to distribute music, including working with a distributor or aggregator, using self-distribution platforms (like Melo), or partnering with record labels.

What is a music aggregator?

A music aggregator is a service that helps independent artists and labels distribute their music to various streaming platforms and online retailers. They act as a middleman between the artist and the streaming platforms and retailers.

How do I choose a music distributor or aggregator?

When choosing a distributor or aggregator, consider factors such as pricing, distribution reach, customer support, and ease of use. It's also important to read reviews and do research to find the best fit for your music career.

How do I get paid from music distribution?

Artists are typically paid through royalties from streaming, digital downloads, and physical copies of their music. These royalties are paid out by the streaming platforms, retailers, and distributors.

What are mechanical royalties?

Mechanical royalties are payments made to songwriters and publishers for the use of their music in physical and digital formats, such as CDs, vinyl, and digital downloads.

What are performance royalties?

Performance royalties are payments made to songwriters and publishers for the use of their music in public performances, such as on the radio, TV, or in live venues.

What is a publishing administrator?

A publishing administrator is a service that helps songwriters and publishers collect their mechanical and performance royalties. They also handle licensing and copyright registration.

How do I promote my music after distribution?

After distribution, artists can promote their music through social media, live performances, collaborations, and partnerships. It's important to create a strong brand and engage with fans to build a loyal fanbase.