A Complete Guide On How To Upload A Song On Jio Saavn

Sarah Iqbal, Amisha Shukla


Are you an independent artist willing to kickstart your career in the highly competitive music industry? Well, here we are at Melo music distribution to help you navigate your way towards a successful career.

So, let us understand how you can get started as an artist by distributing your songs on one of the most famous music distribution platforms in India, JioSaavn. Here we bring you a complete step by step guide on how to upload songs on JioSaavn, what are the perks you can expect on uploading your song on JioSaavn, how to reach more significant audiences through JioSaavn and how we, at Melo music distribution are your guide to help reach your destination towards a successful career in the music industry.

To begin with and guide you through, let us first understand what makes JioSaavn so popular amongst music listeners and artists and why it is significant to upload songs on JioSaavn to get started.

Here is all that you need to know about JioSaavn

Founded in 2007, the company Saavn was acquired by Jio Music in 2018, and the merger was rebranded as JioSaavn. With its widespread popularity and vast audience base, the company emerged as one of the most significant digital music distributors of Bhojpuri, Bollywood, English, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and other regional music across the world.

Presently, JioSaavn became one of India's most popular music streaming platforms for both listeners and artists, leading to a rise in the famous question amongst aspiring artists, 'how to upload songs on JioSaavn'. The company acquired rights to over 60 million music tracks. The app JioSaavn is available worldwide on both Android and iOS devices to enable users to stream their favorite music. It offers an exorbitantly excellent free music streaming service for all music lovers. Also, the app offers a premium service at a nominal charge of INR 99/- per month for Android and INR 119/- per month for iOS via iTunes. The per annum package is capped at INR 399/- for both Android and iOS devices. The paid premium service of JioSaavn enables the users to enjoy streaming their favorite music with no advertisements causing no disruption. Besides advertisement-free music streaming, the premium users also enjoy an improved streaming quality and can download music for listening offline.

Owing to its multiple features and vast user base, the application JioSaavn has gained enormous popularity and thus became a hub for both independent artists to get started. So, if you are willing to find out how to upload songs on JioSaavn for free, then here we are to help you get started. 

How to upload songs on Jio Saavn for free

The overwhelming popularity of JioSaavn makes it a favorite destination for aspiring artists to upload songs on JioSaavn. So, now let us understand how to upload songs JioSaavn for free.

Wondering how? Suppose you are an independent artist looking forward to distributing your songs on JioSaavn for free, one of the most popular Indian streaming platforms. In that case, we at Melo Music Distribution are your one-stop solution.

Well, we at Melo Music Distribution offer the most comprehensive music dissemination services in India, and here we are to guide you through how to upload songs on JioSaavn for free. To help independent artists, we offer the most promising music distribution services and have officially partnered with some major music streaming platforms, including JioSaavn.

We are a massive team of individuals who possess years of experience and expertise in the music industry. Our collaboration with the most incredible music streaming platforms like JioSaavn enables us to offer the best-in-class services to our clients. Through our services, hundreds of independent artists could reach millions of audiences and build a reputed name in the music industry. We charge absolutely no royalty and claim no rights over the artist's creative work, making us one of India's best music distribution platforms. Also, we strive to help independent artists earn the remuneration they deserve for their work. We ensure that every artist and song gets a fair opportunity to bloom in the music industry. The artist also receives some remuneration for every download and stream of their song on the streaming platform. 

Know how Melo Music Distribution can help you upload a song on JioSaavn

At Melo music distribution, we are known for offering the most promising and transparent services for music dissemination across various music streaming platforms in India. With our artist-centric approach, we have served hundreds of artists and helped them build their names in the music industry. We have partnered with all major music distribution platforms in India, including JioSaavn, to offer the most comprehensive services for music distribution. 

With our objective of helping independent artists grow, we strive to relocate the music industry's control back to the hands of the artists and offer the most dependable and unswerving music distribution services.

To make every artist's dream turn into a reality, we devise an end-to-end plan to help them distribute their music with the major music distribution platforms and reach great audiences. We have been awarded as one of India's most promising music distribution companies with years of dedication and accomplishment. Through our services, we give every artist and their song a fair opportunity to bloom and make it big in the music industry.

Also, at Melo music distribution, we take immense pride in the worthy reviews and ratings that we have received from our artist clients. So, if you are looking for a way to upload songs on JioSaavn or other music streaming platforms, then get in touch with us today.


With our music dissemination services, you can also upload songs on JioSaavn for free. So, if you are an independent artist looking for an opportunity to bloom, get in touch with experts at Melo Music distribution today to get started.